Friday, December 14, 2012

[Lyric] Exhibition - An Essay Of Memories (English Translate)

         15 - 12 - 2012
         11 : 22 AM

         Hmm hmm hmm. I still have a task to posting something in english, but I'm so confused what to posting in english hiks hiks hiks. Hmm how about a lyric about the song that I liked lately. The title is 'An Essay Of Memory' by Exhibition. I like the song that remake by Kim Dong Ryul which the song is the soundtrack of movie 'Introduction Of Architecture'. Ok, here we go. An Essay Of Memories - english translated re-edited by me.

전람회 (Exhibition) - 기억의 습작 (An Essay of Memories)

이젠 버틸 수 없다고 
You are saying that you can't hold for much longer

휑한 웃음으로 
You said that with an empty smile

내 어깨에 기대어 눈을 감았지만
You close your eyes and lean on my shoulder

이젠 말할 수 있는 걸
Now I can see that

너의 슬픈 눈빛이 나의 마음을 아프게 하는 걸
Your sad eyes, hurt my heart 

나에게 말해봐 
Please, tell me

너의 마음속으로 들어가 볼 수만 있다면
If I can take a look into your heart

철없던 나의 모습이 얼만큼 의미가 될 수 있는지
And see how much my immature self meant to you

많은 날이 지나고 
Now, Day after day have past

나의 마음 지쳐갈 때
And my heart has grown weary

내 마음속으로 스러져가는 너의 기억이
To my heart, your memory will

다시 찾아와 생각이 나겠지 
Revisit and remind me again

너무 커버린 내 미래의 그 꿈들 속으로 
In dreams of my blown up future

잊혀져 가는 나의 기억이 다시 생각날까
Will my forgotten memories become alive once again?

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