Saturday, December 8, 2012

[Review] Kanseitou / Control Tower [2011]

         Hello, today I will review a movie in english. Ahhh it's been so long since I write blog in english, and now I got a task to write in english again. Ok let's begin the review.

         The title is 'Kanseitou', it mean 'Control Tower' in english. The movie is tells about an uncommunicative man who meets a transferred student that she is an uncommunicative too. After their proximity, The girl propose what if they build a band. And then they start to make a song. Yeah overall this movie is good. The girl is beauty, and I think she is like the girl that I loved at Senior High School. Her smile, her character, her hair, the way she spoke, it all is just like her.

         That is a place that very memorable for them, 'Control Tower'. I and her have an our 'Control Tower' too hahahaa. Ahhh so nostalgic. In this film the girl say 'This tower is like a tower that always oversee a romer that travel around the world', and the boy say 'If that, lets make a mark here so the romer can came back here'. This movie is so touch. Even the storyline is simple, but this movie is worth enough to watch I think. Yeah, that's all my review, hope you can watch this movie too. See ya.

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