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Tugas 1 : English Business 2 - Inquiry Letter & Order Letter (Definition + Sample)

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1. Inquiry Letter

Inquiry Letter is a letter written to request information and/or ascertain its authenticity. A letter of inquiry deals with various matters like job vacancies, funding, grants, scholarships, projects, sales, pre-proposals and others. The term is common in various business setups as it implies fund request or pre-proposal information. Owing to this usage, the term may be considered exclusive to these setups alone. But that is not the case, to this effect the below definition offers a justified meaning.

1.1 Inquiry Letter Definition

A document requesting information sent on behalf of an individual or an organisation for their own respective purposes, which can be mutually beneficial to the recipient and the sender.

The term ‘Inquiry’ is same as ‘Enquiry’. The former is more commonly used in U.S. and the latter one is more common in U.K. There are some other terms which represent the letters; these are Letter of Intent, Letter of Interest, Query letter, Prospecting Letter, Pre-proposal Letter and Concept Paper. The term ‘Cover Letter’, ‘Business Letter’, ‘Request Letter’ and ‘Sales Letter’ is also applied to an inquiry letter especially when the objective is same as that of letter for inquiry.

A letter of inquiry serves to facilitate business operations and satisfaction of the sender. Inquiry letters remove any misunderstanding and are time savers, especially when two parties want to reach an understanding. The communication towards this effect resolves the issue without any delay. With relation to it being a ‘Pre-proposal letter’, the inquiry letter is also termed as a ‘Condensed Version of a Proposal’. It is the outcome of the purpose of the letter which highlights the points of a proposal instead of a full-fledged proposal.

On an individual’s basis, these letters are sent to companies that are willing to hire but haven't advertised job openings. It can also be a letter addressed to editor in-charge of a publication proposing certain literary work. It can be a letter from a student who is vying for a seat in a college or a business that provides an internship. So, the objective of an enquiry letter is same but its projections and audiences are different. Same goes for its method of delivery, it can be sent via paper mail or electronic mail.

1.2 Sample Of Inquiry Letter

1.2.1 Inquiry Leter for Possible Job Openings


Beyonce Jackson
Viale Europa 22
00144 Roma RM

December 20th, 2012

Carla Truman
Human Resource Secretary
Conservation Italia
Ufficio Roma Trullo
Casella Postale 1234
00149 ROMA RM

Dear Ms. Truman,

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. Wise words from a wise man - Mahatma Gandhi. These are not just words; these are instructions to lead a life in the wisest manner. I believe in it and I follow it ardently. Myself  - Beyonce Jackson and for the past 5 years, I have worked for ‘Caracal Foundation’ in India as Chief Conservator. My contract with the foundation is about to end in about 4 months. I love animals and try every bit for their welfare. That is the reason why I chose to become a Conservator.

Wildlife has always been my passion since childhood and I would photograph them and read about them all through my school and college days. In fact, I was nicknamed ‘Wild Jackson’ for my achievements in bird watching competitions, drawing, painting and anything concerned with wildlife. I would often cerate wildlife posters and banners whenever required. I only read wildlife books in the library.

At the college level I started photographing the local wildlife and was positioned 3rd in the Wildlife Yearly Competition. I even attended the ‘Conservation Week’ organised by the local SPCA (Society for Protection against Cruelty towards Animals. My article on Lake Orta was also published and appreciated in the monthly ‘Wildlife’ magazine.

I am well aware that you have not offered any jobs or advertised for the same but it is my strong feeling that I will get an opportunity in your foundation sooner or later. And whenever that happens please do contact me. I am sure I will live up to your expectations.

I have attached all the relevant documents for your consideration, please go through them. I am not boasting but I am merely making you aware of the my apt suitability for the job.

Thanking You.


Beyonce Jackson
Chief Conservator
Caracal Foundation

Encl. – Resume -1
           Copy of Reference Letter - 1
           Copy of Certificates - 10
           Copy of Honours - 8


1.2.2 Fund Inquiry Letter


People for Animals (PFA)
# 11, Sector 11 A
Chandigarh – 160011
Tel: 7442000, 9324329
Fax: 7442099

December 22nd, 2012

Pai Tailon
Managing Director
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
290 Summer Street
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675
United States

Dear Mr. Tailon:

People for Animals (PFA) seeks support of $ 6,000 from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) for medicines, food items, maintenance, project support, publications support etc. for our ongoing ‘Dog Sterilisation Campaign’.

We are grateful for the support we received from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in the year 2000 for ‘Save the Sparrows Campaign’ and PFA considers the ‘Dog Sterilisation Campaign’ may be of comparable interest to your foundation. As conservation supporter all over the world, the campaign is very much aligned with IFAW’s consistent mission in preserving and saving the natural world through education, project funding, preventing poaching by generating jobs for those dependent on forests and many other which deserve a credible applause.

PFA was established in 1997 and has been actively promoting welfare activities for animals in almost all states of India.

Some of our activities include:

    Endangered Animal Protection and Breeding
    Treatment of Sick and Injured Animals
    Organising Awareness Campaigns
    Animal Shelter
    Animal Hospital

Some of our Achievements

    Number 1 NGO for Animals in India 2011
    Recognition from WSPCA for outstanding achievement 2009, 2010
    3rd Popular Animal Welfare Organisation in Asia (wildlife weekly 2010)

The campaign for which we request funds will benefit both the Dogs and People of Tricity - Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.


    Prevention of increase in Dog Bites among the residents of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula
    Control of booming Dog population
    Decrease in cruelty towards Dogs
    Maintain harmony among humans and dogs
    Maintaining a proper record of dog population
    Dog behaviour awareness through school visits, college visits and community through various audio-visual means

The campaign has been projected for a span of 3 years and requires 50,000$ to fully achieve the above mentioned benefits. We are short of exactly 18,000$ for which we have requested other organisations. While we expect 6,000$ from your side but would be highly obliged if granted the whole amount.

We invite you to visit our office or call us at 7442000, 9324329 between 8AM to 5 PM within a week from the receiving date of this letter. We will arrange for your visit, stay and food without any charges. We will be glad to submit a full proposal with additional information for your further review.

Thanking you.


Maenka Mishra
Founder & Manager
People for Animals (PFA)
Personal Contact – 097239856


1.2.3 Inquiry Letter of Training Program

July 2, 2008

Mr.  Rodrigo Rivera
Personnel Director
Technote Corporation
3152 Bridge Avenue
Boston, MA 02154

Dear Mr. Rivera:

May I ask a favor of you?  Randy del Rosario, a representative of the Leverage Company, recently told me of your success in managing Technote’s training program for the hardcore unemployed.  Our firm is presently planning such a program, and we would appreciate information about the mind-set section of your program.

We expect to begin our training sessions on approximately August 1.  I believe we are prepared for the remedial-education and job-skills portion of the program, but we need help with mind-set section.  Specifically, we would appreciate knowing who you employed to teach that section, the major emphasis in the section, and the length of the section in relation to the entire programs.

I congratulate you on your success in managing Technote’s program, and I believe your ideas would help us solve this long-neglected problem, also.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Very truly yours,

Francisco Fortaleza
Managing Director


1.2.4 Inquiry Letter of Gem Making


July 28, 2008

Jade Diamond Company
Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City


A newcomer to the hobby of gem making, I was attracted to your advertisement, in the current issue of the Magazine of Jewelry Making, of a trim saw, especially in view of the reasonable price given.  Specifically, I would like to know.

1.    How thick a rock will the saw cut?
2.    How long can one expect a diamond blade to last?
3.    What kinds of coolants do you recommend?

I would be most appreciative if you could find the time to answer my questions. I expect that I shall be sending you an order soon.

Sincerely yours,

Carla Estrada


2. Order Letter

a letter of order is a document that confirms the details of a purchase of goods or services from one party to another. It usually includes more information about what you are ordering, like quantity, model number, or color, the payment terms, and the matter in which the products are to be shipped. When the recipient receives this letter, they will process the order and send the merchandise.

2.1 Order Letter Definition

An “Order” is an expense for the person placing the order and an income for the one getting it. But this is not all. The company that bags the order has to fulfill lot of commitments to ensure that it has a satisfied customer, which can be an individual or another company. Timely delivery of the order, quality of delivery and after sale service – are all part and parcel of getting an order.

An Order Letter is the one that is written by the person/company placing the request of purchase from another company. This letter comes into action only when a detailed study of the desired product has been done in the market and based on promised service, quality and price of the product, a decision for a purchase has been made.

An Order Letter should be drafted very carefully as it needs to pen down all the terms and conditions of the purchase for the benefit of both involved parties. It should have details such as product specifications, quantities, price agreed upon, delivery date, late delivery clauses, etc. It should be addressed to the person responsible for the execution of the order with a copy to the head of department. Since it is totally an official letter it should be typed.

2.2 Order Letter Sample


 Mancini Kitchen Equipment

Troy D. Mancini

4220 Straford Park
Harold, KY 41635

Dear Mr. Mancini,

We would like to purchase twenty two (22) individual stand mixers (Model #43423), all in the color red.

 We would like you to charge this purchase to the preexisting account that we have with you, business account #543234.

We hope to receive this order no later than Friday, November 11th, 2009. Attached to this letter please find our preferred shipping method and receiving address.

Please confirm that you received this order by calling us at 232-231-4563 anytime during business hours, Monday to Friday.

Thank you for your cooperation

Keller Kitchen Co.



August 6, 2001

Mr. Joey Yasuke
#415 Greenhills Street
San Fernando, Pampanga

Dear Mr. Yasuke:

Will you kindly send me two of the portable lunch boxes – order number 2b36 – as advertised in Daily Inquirer of yesterday, August 5.  Please charge this purchase to my account.

I shall especially appreciate your usual prompt delivery, as I plan to give one of the lunch boxes to my daughter, who is leaving on a vacation within three days.  One is to be delivered to me at my address, above, and the other to 124 Meadow Street, San Juan, Pampanga.

Very truly yours,

Abelina dela Cruz



August 3, 2004

Mrs. Erlinda Ramos
MGT Marketing
Abucay, Bataan

Dear Mrs. Ramos:

Enclosed is a money order for two hundred dollar ($200) in return for which please send me by parcel post:

1 piece bathing suit, navy blue and white, size 33, No. H61 – $60.00
1 pair of white canvas tennis shoes, crepe soles, size 4, C width – $40.00
1 Tilden tennis rocket, green and white trim, green strings, wt. 13 oz., handle 4 inches – $45.00
1 grey sweater, V-neck, size 28, No. B25 – $55.00

Please send these articles within five days.

Very truly yours,

Mr. Roderick Santos



August 15, 2005

Ms. Vicky Reezel
SM Store

Dear Ms. Reezel:

Please enter our order No. 2459 for the following:

3 Mecca, G-23, size 24”26” @ $150 – $ 450
2 Mecca, G-25, size 22”23” @ $70 – $ 140
2 Merced, G-45, size 45”size 47” @ 100 – $ 200

We shall appreciate your shipping these goods so that they will reach us not later than August 25, billing them f.o.b. San Fernando, Pampanga, at 2/30, n/60 – your usual term.

Very truly yours,

Harry Glenn



R & R Company
Room 5, Nicanor Building
Binondo, Manila


Please send me immediately by parcel post the following goods selected from your January catalogue:

2 Pair of shoes, black satin No. 30 D248, size 5.5 – $120.00
1 Blanket Cloth, No. 25 B471, Copenhagen blue, size 35 – $50.00
Postage — $5.00
Total Amount — $175.00

I enclose money order for $175.00 in payment of this order.

Your truly,

Eleonor Smike



East Daan Bago
Samal, Bataan

March 28, 2006

Mr. Eric Ramos
Sales Manager
Enigma Corporation
Angeles City

Dear Mr. Ramos,

Please send us one (1) box of 3.5 sony diskettes and (1) 17” red fox monitor, color black.  Terms of payment will be the same as those of our previous orders.

We would appreciate it very much if you could send these items immediately.

Very truly yours,

Merecel Navarro


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