Monday, March 18, 2013

Tulisan 1 : English Business 2

         18 - 03 - 2013
         10 : 54 PM

         Halaman 4

         Latihan 2.

         1. Shhh. The baby is sleeping. The baby sleeps for ten hours every night.

         2. Right now I'm in class. I am sitting at my desk. I usually sit at the same desk in class every day.

         3. Ali speak arabic. Arabic is his native language, but right now he is speaking English.

         4. Our teacher do not standing up right now. She is sitting on the corner of her desk.

         5. It's 6:00 P.M. Mary is at home. She is eating dinner. She always eats dinner with her family around six o'clock.

         6. It does not raining right now. The sun shines , and the sky is blue.

         7. Is it raining a lot in southern California?

         8. Look out the window. Is it raining? Should I take my umbrella?

         9. It's 7:30 A.M. and the Wilsons are in their kitchen. Mrs. Wilson are sitting at the breakfast table. She is reading the morning paper. She reads the newspaper every morning. Mr. Wilson are pouring a cup of coffe. He drinks two cups of coffee every morning before he goes to work. There is a cartoon on tv, but the children do not watching it. They are playing with their toys instead. They usually watches cartoon in the morning, but this morning they do not paying any attention to the TV. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are not watching the TV either. They do not like to watch cartoons.

         10. Alice do not take the bus to school every day. She usually walks instead. Do you take the bus to get to school every day, or do you walk?


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