Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tugas 2 English Business

         18 - 04 - 2013
         09 : 52 PM

         Bab 2.
         Page 18.
         Latihan 1.

         1. What are some things you usually do every morning?
           I usually drink a glass of water every morning.
           What are some things you did yesterday morning?
           I did drink a glass of water yesterday morning.

         2. What do you usually do in the evening?
           I usually play a game in the evening.
           What did you do last night?
           I did play a game last night.

         3. What do we usually do in this class?
           We usually study in this class.
           What did we do in this class yesterday?
           We did study in this class yesterday.

         4. What do you usually do after this class?
           I usually eat lunch after this class.
           What did you do after class yesterday?
           I did eat lunch after class yesterday.

         5. What did you do two days ago? Last week? Last month? Last year?
           I did make a game two days ago, got a task last week, found a money last month, and bought some books last year.

         6. Take out a piece of paper. Write what you did yesterday. Write as fast as you can.
           I went to college yesterday morning, when I arrived the lecturer hasn't come. Then I decided to open my laptop. I watched a movie at my laptop. The movie ended, but the lecturer hasn't come. Then I knew that the lecturer wasn't come that day, so I went to home.


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